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Step 1. Download our wallet

First step is setting up a wallet. Need help? Check the wallet page our contact us on Discord. Already downloaded our wallet? Continue to step 2.

The POS phase will start at block 60 000 and will never end.
With POS staking you are able to earn interest over your Lemanum.

The minimum reward received for staking Lemanum is 120% annually.

Step 2. Buy or Earn Lemanum

Once you've set-up the wallet, you own a wallet address (you can find it under the recieve tab). You can buy Lemanum on an exchange Click here, or earn it by dedicating time to the Lemanum project. More info about earning Lemanum can be found at the bottom of our homepage.

You can buy and sell Lemanum on the crypto exchange.
Waiting on the right time to buy or sell can make or break your day.

Lemanum reached an all-time high of 24 satoshi.

Step 3. Unlock your wallet for staking

We expect that you already encrypted your wallet with a password. If not please do so now. This will safeguard your wallet against unwanted access. To start earning POS rewards you will have to unlock your wallet for pos.

1. Go to the wallet tab.
2. Click on unlock wallet
3. Make sure to cross the checkbox, unlock for staking purpose.
4. Type the password and click on next.