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Step 1. Download our wallet

First step is setting up a wallet. Need help? Check the wallet page our contact us on Discord.

Thanks to miners we are able to send and receive Lemanum during the POW phase.
In return miners will receive block rewards.

The rewards received will most likely cover any hardware and/or electricity costs and can be highly profitable.

Step 2. Download a miner for your Graphic card (GPU)

Once you've set-up the wallet, you can go ahead and download a program used for mining Lemanum. You´ll have to download mining software which is compatible with your graphic video card. A Graphic video card is also known as 'Graphic Processor Unit' (GPU). Don't know which GPU you have? Click here to find out. The most popular mining programs are listed below.

Miners who like a gamble will want to mine solo.
Most miners are evening out their luck by joining a pool.

This mining guide will teach you how to mine using a pool.

Step 3. Choose a mining pool

You can choose a mining pool from our pool list below. There are more pools out there, you can find them on Google or Bitcointalk. Please note that a mining pool charges a fee. A lower fee means you'll be earning more from the found block rewards.

Poolname Website Stratum weburl Port Fee
Arc Pool Click here 8433 0.9%
Local Pool Click here 8433 2%
UniMining Click here 8433 0.5%
Phi Phi Pool Click here 8433 0.25%
Pool Friends Master Click here 8433 1%
The BSOD Pool Click here 8433 0.5%

It's up to the miner where the found block reward will be sent.
Some miners are donating them to a good cause...

National Breastcancer Foundation Inc : BDw6t1iyq8nEAAWA6bptuwBemu2dMUMxvD
Greenpeace : B7o7bhb77t61B2tMCE4UEtSGXpUis1CCGv
World Food Programme : BEDAD8dmfsggRhLXyzP3ZL6gzCx7trL265

Step 4. Change the .BAT file

(A.) Right click the downloaded .zip file and select "extract here".

(B.) Right click the .Bat file and select "Open with" --> "Notepad".

(C.) Change the parameters
Although it may look scary the first time, changing the parameters is really simple.

-o stratum+tcp:Weburl of the pool:port number -u WALLET_ADDRESS -p OPTIONS

-o -u B7o7bhb77t61B2tMCE4UEtSGXpUis1CCGv -p c=LMN

-o -u BEDAD8dmfsggRhLXyzP3ZL6gzCx7trL265 -p c=LMN
- You can find a pool list in step 3 of this guide.
- You can find your wallet address on the "receive" tab in your wallet (step 1)
- The parameter -P defines the coin you are mining, LMN stands for Lemanum.

(D.) Start the miner by left clicking the .exe file.

The mining community is based all over the world,
ranging from teenagers to seniors.

We´re more than happy to welcome you on board.

Step 5. Check check double check

(A.) Visit the the website of the mining pool.

(B.) Go to the "wallet tab".

(C.) Enter the wallet address you've used in the .Bat file.

(D.) It can take up to 10 minutes before the pool shows your PC or laptop is working.

(E.) It can take up to 6 hours before the first rewards are transferred to your wallet.

Comparing benchmarks is a +.
Optimizing your set-up can up your hashrate by 20%

Step 6. Compare your hashrate (optional)

You can compare your hashrate with these user submitted benchmarks. Need help optimizing your GPU's? Visit our #miner-help channel on Discord.

Discord name GPU Miner Hashrate
Juuj GTX 1070 Mini ccminer-x64 2.2.3 27
Oracle3410 MSI 1070TI ccminer-x64 2.2.3 36
RG Asus 1080 TI STRIX OC ccminer-x64 2.2.3 55
Gogoppp Nvidia gtx 1070 ccminer-x64-2.2.3 28
Immortal_1 GeForce GTX 1070 ccminer-x64 2.2.3 28
Trojanfresh XFX RX580 prospector 0.0.13 22
Trojanfresh PowerColor RX580 prospector 0.0.13 22
Trojanfresh MSI RX580 prospector 0.0.13 22