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SouthXchange Successfully funded!
A big shout out to our donators
flipflop.0#7992, Maddock#9052, MYees#3247, arilnator#0386, bigmik#4852, zodiac23rus#4978, Imaha486#4561, Demigargon#7384 & Dogamevn#7180!

As previously communicated, we are also actively seeking to be listed on additional exchanges. A donation wallet (ETH, BTC, LTC & LMN) has been created. This will enable the community to vote for their preferred exchange, by sending funds to the corresponding donation address listed below.

Please note that listing fees are variable, which means raising the required funds for all exchanges at this moment in time is unlikely. The percentage of funds raised will determine which listing/listings we will go for.

Please also note that donations are non-refundable. To be clear, if for instance you vote and therefore donate for Trade Satoshi as your preferred choice of exchange, there is no guarantee of a listing. Your funds will, however, be used on 31-02-2018 to contribute towards the listing of another exchange listed below, providing the required funds are raised.

Exchange Donation address Trade volume Listing fee Pledged
SouthXhange SUCCESSFULLY FUNDED! 21.06 BTC 0.15 BTC 0.16 BTC
Lemanum BC66mvbCYNxoewfNs2UMT8ZKxsezZEmnmS
Bitcoin 1NdKg15uPnwa3F1scYkQnRirCraeiUHaLU
Ether 0x4A032f497B4e1Fa5A4839AE7E6f66f4196bB91d6
Litecoin LRnZKvWbfCQUpQYCsPTXhWFa9Vgpwe1fqn
Stocks.Exchange 156 BTC WOO 0.00 BTC
Lemanum BNhGdkt9kUQeJVbnhHUTCsTcCvmq1y3wTj
Bitcoin 1LGgEyjnjNoy4p1m6ifrTULVPQo3vcfpvo
Ether 0xdAe1C668D962dCb3F19f54Ff09039267971f0C3A
Litecoin LdeAWF2EWgmC4A3jMEGgxV1PLqgW85G54A
Crypto Bridge 180 BTC 1.0 BTC <0.01 BTC
Lemanum B7muvq9HwdhgoZeWJYHD6x1ExWqRY5m4sg
Bitcoin 1FResQfobzpM9yum7feoUzxpuEh4GsqrrR
Ether 0xa1D7E50D8cbDa07eB795095c6C21c2d2F0C8cF67
Litecoin LYUWdgnarPcKmSBZ45tarPEKzP1TzL56P2
Mercatox 160.23 BTC 2.0 BTC 0.00 BTC
Lemanum BRzvR1hB82o1vnQMn3hanWioD47Vbehh3K
Bitcoin 195JoiQHJcbagQJZQYfoMKkjtbbktab2Rf
Ether 0xAecc63366214556Fe9050130ed3af9e8D6e2Fc63
Litecoin LQb8hBnRFrD5aGALAjN4o5oVbJ7btwgwUn
Trade Satoshi 85.51 BTC 0.75 BTC 0.00 BTC
Lemanum BGTtB3WyWh6z16wRYx6Ut7z8vjFVJWaVEJ
Bitcoin 1M8EkqPvfD49wsJHx6F7bkTXYKdAuMdAtT
Ether 0x601Ff5701E7eCbCb58c9c2027f595721aaEd3665
Litecoin LWJ6oDGeivzs6t3vKZ9mpweb4xAdEGrxGr
Crex24 ??? 0.1 BTC 0.00 BTC
Lemanum BFWD6p7BxaDUQ2VX1Wr2Piucu76fLFuFkY
Bitcoin 1HLLLBYEqQz5DiEjWkD5R2Dj7nbbvP9DH2
Ether 0x50E69815edF46dD0faB0D83B633CB9d34A391DCA
Litecoin LTKkGVTEtgshM5BrJNHnJLnoKX6rop9ugN