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Lemanum is a decentralized POW/POS coin built on the GPU friendly Skunkhash algorithm. With a low to medium difficulty, anyone is able to mine Lemanum using a basic PC or laptop.

Mining Lemanum is up to 200% more profitable than Ether or Monero.

Mining Quick Guide

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Lemanum is a cryptocurrency with a fast-growing community. Lemanum is listed on, and is currently being traded at 7-15 Satoshi.

The focus of Lemanum is creating real world usage. Lemanum is not an ICO and has a low premine of 1%.

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Why Choose Lemanum

Safe and Secure

Sending and receiving Lemanum is safe and secure. As long as you don't share your private key your Lemanum is always safe.

Fast payments

No need to wait for long periods of time to send or receive Lemanum. Lemanum transactions are confirmed in less than 2 minutes.

Easy to use wallet

The wallet is easy to use and doesn't require any coding knowledge. You can download it here. Need help? Contact us on Discord.

Supported by the community

Our community is growing rapidly, and is always here to help. You can find them on Discord and Bitcointalk.

Community-based updates

The Lemanum developers are committed to the user base. Updates will always respect the needs of the users.


You can own, receive and send Lemanum without anybody knowing. We will never try or help anybody track down your identity.

About Lemanum

Lemanum is a cryptocurrency at the early stage of development. The community will be heavily involved in deciding the future of Lemanum. You can join the community by visiting our Discord channel or by dropping us a message on the Bitcointalk Forum.


Block time (minutes)


Coin Maturity (confirmations)


Stake Maturity (confirmations)

Official website:
Community build website:
Announcement thread: Bitcointalk Forum
Explorer 1: Altmix
Explorer 2: Lchain
Chat: Discord
Source code: Github

PoW phase
Started 25 december 2017
All computer users over the world are able to acquire Lemanum through mining.
If you want to start mining Lemanum you can follow our Quick Guide here.

PoS phase
Starting February 2018
Owners of Lemanum will be able to stake their coins in their wallet.
The owner of the staked Lemanum will be rewarded for doing so.
More info about staking coming soon.


Visit our live chat channel!

Want to buy Lemanum?

Lemanum is available on Cryptohub.

Bounty Campaigns

Want to help Lemanum grow? We're in need of:

Signature campaign: coming soon...

Blog post and video campaign: coming soon...

Translation campaign: coming soon...

Moderation campaign: coming soon...